Light Dance

View from 3rd Floor Balcony Looking Across at Suspended Colored Acrylic, Wire Rope, Reflected Light, Moving Colored Reflections

42’ x 40’ x 8’ 1984

Commissioned by State of New Jersey
for Atrium of University of Medicine and Dentistry, Camden, NJ

Taradash was among 50 artists chosen to partake in a $25,000 invitational competition to create works for a new college medical facility in Camden, NJ. She was invited to enter based on her slides on file at the Arts Inclusion Program of New Jersey. Each artist submitted a proposal after hearing the project architects discuss the building plans. A panel of three art experts then chose three finalists, who prepared models and made a presentation to a committee composed of the architects, building users, and members of the Division of Building and Construction and New Jersey's art agencies. Taradash won the commission in July, 1981, and finished it - after a construction strike and building design revisions - in June, 1984. Her three-story suspended sculpture, made of 1/4" acrylic sheets and aircraft cable, is her attempt to create a three-dimensional painting in space. She chose acrylic because it approximates watercolor characteristics of transparency, light, color and gesture.

International Sculpture Magazine, January/February 1986


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