The Music of Light

Suspended Rotating, Shaped Acrylic Prisms, Polished Aluminum Arcs, Reflected Light

46’ x 96’ x 8’ 2004

The Music Center at Strathmore, North Bethesda, Maryland. Awarded by national competition, the permanent installation suspends 4 stories over a grand stairway and spans over 96ft. Strathmore is home to the Baltimore Symphony, the National Philharmonic, City Dance Ensemble and Levine School of Music.

After creating many concept drawings of this space, I realized that the artwork suspending within needs to reflect its environment without imposing upon it. I sincerely believe that the prisms subtly echo the multi-colored, complex interior design of their surroundings. My gracefully shaped forms are abstract and represent music itself without being a literal representation.

Meryl Taradash
Proposal Statement


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